On The Move.

To say we have been on the move the last few months would be an understatement. I could spend time listing all the ways we have lived out one of the crazier seasons of our lives, but more than us being on the move we have seen the endless ways that God has been on the move in this season. It has been beautiful, challenging, growing, exhausting and joyful all in one, and through it all we have experienced God’s miracles, His goodness, His kindness, His faithfulness and His peace.

His miracles: Our growing healthy twin baby boys!

His goodness: Life and the ways we see him preparing us for this season.

We have experienced overwhelming goodness through a trip to Chiang Mai, a summer of doing ministry together at Eagle Lake Camps, and 3 weeks of training with the incredible team that we will move to Thailand with.

His kindness: The endless ways He is going before us and paving the way.


Through friendly faces that welcomed us on our trip to Chiang Mai, who have been a tangible expression of the way God has gone before us, helping with little things from what to bring, to huge things like where we will give birth to our baby boys. We are so grateful for the Pound family.

His faithfulness: In the ways He provides through the people we love most.

 Above are just a few of the faces/hearts who have stepped out in faith and committed to prayerfully and financially journey with us the next few years to Thailand. We could not be more grateful for all of our friends, family and supporters that make up our team in this season. We would not be where we are without them and could not do this without their endless support.

His peace: Transitions, trusting and moving are hard things, but His peace is greater. 


We are met with Gods peace daily in every detail of our lives. Through our people,  this beautiful place we get to call home, fundraising, and continuing to hear His voice through all the crazy, that our home is in Him.



Trusting with Faith,

Fjelstad 4




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