We Made it to Thailand!!!

The Fjelstad Four have arrived in Chiang Mai!

After 30 hours of travel, with 4 humans, on 3 airplanes, 2 cars, 1 bus and 0 complications WE MADE IT safe and sound!

Goodbyes with family and friends over the past few weeks have been bittersweet as we have prepared to make the big trek to our new home. We are so blessed by each and everyone of you and felt so celebrated and wrapped up in love during our last few days in Colorado Springs.
Spending lots of points and miles got us upgraded to comfy seats so Erica and the boys could put their feet up on the long haul flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong.(photo) Flight attendants kept us hydrated and well fed – even gave us some ice cream!
A quick layover in Hong Kong and we were off to our final destination
Upon arrival in Thailand we were greeted by incredible friends and managed to fit all the bags into the back of the truck – Even the carseats made it!
We each said multiple times over the trip that it was the smoothest, easiest, most efficient international travel day we’ve had and were even afraid to speak those words for fear that we’d be missing a bag upon arrival or a last minute delay would spoil the entire trip, but God had bigger plans. Yes we researched, yes we figured out the most efficient route to Chiang Mai, yes we packed each suitcase to it’s limit, but nothing could have kept us safe, healthy, and smooth as the prayers that surrounded this trip. Thank you for praying. You helped give us peace and safety to travel across the globe at 25 weeks and 6 days pregnant without hesitation.

Now on to find ourselves a home…..But first smoothies, coffee, and delicious food…

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