Now is The Time….

It is December. The last month of the year when we look back and reflect on all we have or have not done. It is the time we get to sit in the peaceful presence of Christmas lights and the ones we love, get lost in the chaos of Christmas shopping, rest in the tangible hope this season holds in welcoming a new year, and remember the miracle that was given to us through Jesus.  

We started off 2017 praying 2 Corinthians 6:2 over our year. “Now is the time of Gods favor, now is the day of salvation.” We prayed it with all our hearts as we sat in my childhood room at my parents house,

having spent our first holiday season as a married couple there after our ceiling caved in from the pipes bursting. It was also the first Christmas after we lost my brother in a car accident months prior. I’m not trying to sound too dramatic, but that is just a small glimpse into the most challenging year of our lives. But in the midst of challenge, we believe in a God who is for us, so we prayed, we hoped, and we fought for a year of trusting in His favor and goodness over 2017.

Rough start to the year, but just part of the fun!

As we reflect over this the last year, our hearts rejoice in the truth that God not only meets our needs, he gives us more than we could ever ask for or imagine.

I wanted to wrap up this year by reading through Jesus’ miracles. What we see time and time again is that He first meets our physical needs, so that we can understand the spiritual truths He desires to teach us. Sometimes I wonder if we even realize or understand the potential impact of what we are asking for. Jesus always has so much more in store, because through it all, He gives himself. 

Picture this. In Luke 5, after a long night of catching no fish, Jesus shows up, tells his guys to let down their nets, and their nets break from too many fish so they have to fill their boats! They made their catch, and Jesus says,” Do not be afraid, from now on you will be catching men.” (insert mic drop.) I think Jesus has made our physical needs so much a part of us to show us our bigger constant need for Him, because it is our physical needs that keep us anchored to the truth that we are not our own sustainers. Great right? Except here is the thing, it doesn’t just end there with boats full of fish and encouraged men. 

What I love most is that at the end of every miracle, He always invites us into more. 

Just like that, the men left all the fish they caught, they left everything, didn’t look back and followed Jesus. Because He is all we need. And that is where we stand today, in the midst of a miracle, in the more, in the invitation. 

Let us fast-forward one year:    

-We have been living in Thailand for almost two months. 

-We just packed our hospital bags as we anxiously await for the arrival of our baby boys! 

Due date is one month from TODAY!!!

-We are taking Thai lessons 4 days a week and can almost, sort of, possibly order food. 😉

Kruu Yay, our tutor, teaching us to pronounce aaaa

-We are getting to know our neighbors, and let me tell you they are the biggest blessing and gift. 

-We have the most incredible tribe of family and friends (that’s you!) surrounding us in this journey and through your hearts, sacrifice, obedience, love and Gods faithfulness we are fully funded! 

Our people up on our wall so we can see you and pray for you!

– On top of our financial needs being met, a generous acquaintance at the car dealership shared that he wanted to gift a vehicle to some missionaries – So we’re the ecstatic recipients of a 1988 Toyota Corolla!

She’s a beaut!

-Adventures in Missions has found a property and we could not be more excited to see the ways it impacts the kingdom and this city in just a few short months.

– Baby boys are healthy and growing at a rapid pace!

Kate Thomas Photography
Thanks Kate Thomas for capturing this season!

..We prayed for God’s favor in and around our lives, and He showed up in miracles..

These are life long prayers answered. They took time, heart, sacrifice, willingness, tears, courage, belief, and taking one step at a time in faith. We walk away from this year so incredibly grateful. We are giving God all the praise and glory, and constantly left in awe of His goodness, and understanding in a whole new way that all we really need is Him.  

We are jumping into 2018 with expectant hearts, excited to see what God has in store, the ways we will grow, the truths we will stand on, and the more that we will be invited into. 

What is something you will fight for, believe in, or trust in for 2018? 

Whatever it may be, we are excited to walk alongside you in it. Thanks from us across the big blue, home to you, for being with us through it all. 

We love you. We are grateful for you, and excited to see what 2018 has in store!

Happy New Year!! 

With expectant hearts and prayers for baby B to flip over 🙂

The Fjelstad Four

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