Living Room Floors


A lot of our time these days is spent on our living room floor. We make ridiculous noises and talk in really high pitch voices and roll around. No, we have not lost our minds, our boys are just 5 months old and that is where we get to share space and delight in each others presence. It’s funny how our pace of life feels like it is going a million miles per hour, yet has slowed drastically all at the same time. We may not be running around 24/7 exploring the city and going on adventures as we knew it, but we are parents, so adventure as we now know it has been within our four walls a lot of the time. It is in the first smile, first coo, first wiggle, nap time snuggles, and of course laying on the floor playing as we witness our boys discover this world one little detail at a time. 

Our living room also happens to be where our big glass sliding front door is. It faces out to our street, which I love more than anything, as I watch the slow pace life of our moo baan (neighborhood) stroll by. There is a lady that lives across the street named “Yai Pa” that we have shared friendly smiles and broken “hellos and how are yous” and nervous laughs for the past few months. A tradition within the Thai culture is to bring fruit to neighbors as a gift, so between some fruit exchanges, and some christmas cookie exchanges ( which come to find out, our Thai friends do not prefer western treats) we are slowly building a relationship. The other day David walked outside with Eli. And both our neighbor ladies “Yai Pa” and “Ba Houng” happened to be outside. They came over to the gate and were “awing” over Eli, so instead of leaving it at that, David invited them in. I happened to be laying on the floor playing with Abe when they showed up at the door smiling ear to ear. The immediate thought in my head was, oh my word I’m in my PJ’s, I don’t have proper attire on and the house is a mess. That thought was followed with the biggest smiles and hesitant body language as they stood at the door unsure if they should come in. I immediately motioned for them to come in. They were so giddy, took their shoes off and joined us on the floor. We had a full conversation through smiles, laughs, body motions and one worded answers. We shared life. We didn’t speak the same language, but it didn’t matter. It is in those moments we see Gods love the most here. 

I think sometimes in life we think we have to have it all figured out, but I am learning we just have to be open to the invitation, allow space for God to move, and just see what happens. Sometimes that takes courage, sometimes it takes being inconvenienced, sometimes it just takes saying yes, and sometimes it means rolling around on your living room floor. Whatever it may be in your life, I can promise you it will be worth it.

Here is to being open to the invitation!


Fjelstad 4 

5 Replies to “Living Room Floors”

  1. Sure do love how you captured the depth and simplicity of His daily invitation…and the challenge or ease of just being obedient and saying yes! Once again you show us how every dimension of life can be an opportunity to serve and love in simple ways that will impact the Kingdom. Or respond to His call and give up everything as you guys have done. I pray you guys never doubt for a second the many lives you are impacting. ..or how much you are appreciated. Love you with all my heart Fjelstad Four!


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