Rainy Season

Right now I am sitting at a coffee shop. My Husband is working at the hostel just down the street, my boys are at home napping while two lovely ladies watch them for a few hours, and here I am. Today I chose the window seat. Honestly I should be getting a lot more done than I am right now. But I know this is exactly where I am supposed to be. There is something that awakens my spirit when I can watch the life of a city pass by. ( Also, I have killed at least 5 ants that have tried to share my hazelnut coffee with me.) It’s rainy season so of course its raining cats and dogs, and people just pull over their scoots, put on their bright colored ponchos and carry on. It’s interesting to watch peoples reaction to the rain. For the Thai people, it’s familiar so it does not phase them. On the other hand, I can spot the people who are exploring this unfamiliar place, because when the rain starts, they have this look of shock and horror. But within minutes their fears are calmed because, like magic these wonderful humans with smiles on their faces show up all around them and are ready to sell you ponchos to get you through this rainy season. After all, this is the land of smiles.



As I observe from the comfort of my dry seat, it made me wonder what people see in me when the rain comes?

God always shows me how He is moving and working in my life in fun ways. Today it is through this place I now call home, this place that is becoming more and more familiar everyday, & through the smile of a stranger offering a hot pink poncho to someone who is clearly in distress.

From my experience, life can have a lot of rainy seasons. Sometimes they are torrential down pours, sometimes it’s that light shower with the sun shining through that just warms your soul. For me, I have had all of the above. In the past two and a half years I got married, I lost my brother, fought for my family through the mess of addiction, moved across the world, and gave birth to 2 perfect baby boys. It has been hard and beautiful, but the thing I love most about it all, is God has always been there with a smile on his face ready to offer me a poncho to brave the storm.



We don’t always know the season we are stepping into. It can be unfamiliar and unknown, the storm can hit you out of nowhere and you just might be that person looking frantically for somewhere to take cover. Or with time, the place becomes more familiar and you become more prepared. You are not always looking to buy a poncho, but you have your umbrella packed. So when the rain starts, you pause, take it out, and carry on.

See, God never promised life would be perfect and easy, he just promises us that He will be WITH us and give us what we need to get through it. God tells us time and time again, he will never leave us. He says in Deuteronomy 31:6 Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.

Did I mention this was the very seat I sat in over a year ago when David and I flew out here to pray about moving to Thailand. The same seat as I looked out the window to this unfamiliar place, the seat that I wondered how we would possibly get here. the seat I prayed in for people who would want to partner with us and all God is doing here. The seat I dreamt and wondered if this is the place we would one day start a family. The very seat that I sat with nothing figured out and endless unknowns, but a whole lot of peace.

My hope is that when the rain comes, I will be prepared, and peace will be what people see in me, and not because I am strong and have it all figured out, but because a long time ago I trusted that God did. We didn’t always know we would need ponchos and an umbrella packed. We had to walk through it to learn that. I love that about walking in a relationship with the God. He is a Dad that loves his kids so deeply, yet He is willing to let them learn what they need along the way. And what I have learned throughout all of this, is that all I truly need, is Him.

We are so grateful for this rainy season here in Thailand, for the people behind the smiles that greet us as the rain starts to fall, and for the endless ways God continues to meet us right where we are and give us exactly what we need, because that is just the God He is.

I don’t know what season you are walking through in your life right now as you sit on the other side of this screen across the world from me. But what I do know is you have a Father in heaven that wants to walk through it with you, He wants to love you, He wants to be there when you need it most, and he wants to give you exactly what you need to get through it. And He will.

You know how I know?

Just read the first paragraph.

WITH you through it all,

Fjelstad Four


Thank you for being a part of this journey with us. We would not be here without each and everyone of you. We would love to hear how we can be praying for YOU, no matter the season you are walking through, know there is a small family of 4 fighting for you in Thailand.

5 Replies to “Rainy Season”

  1. Thanks for sharing a little insight to not only rainy season in SEA, but how we go through the storms of life with God by our side. I love following your little family of four!!!


  2. Truly a message for all seasons, because all seasons have some sort of storm and there is not one season/experience I can recollect when I was in ANY way better off without God than with Him…and the most amazing part is He is always patiently, lovingly just waiting to meet me, all I have to do is turn to Him. God is so good! And you guys continue to show us the way!


  3. Incredible update! I love the analogy with the rain! You’re seriously an incredible writer.

    We’re struggling through what connection looks like, so be covering us in prayer for that! We are great roommates, friends, partners, but haven’t been the greatest lovers in the last year or so.

    We believe in what you guys are doing 1000%!

    Love you guys

    The Cearbaugh’s


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